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Data Release 2017

ZFOURGE is a 45 night imaging program taken with the FourStar near-infrared camera on Magellan. We combine deep imaging in J1, J2, J3, Hs, Hl, and Ks with public legacy surveys to fit Spectral Energy Distributions for >60,000 galaxies. Please acknowledge ZFOURGE in any resulting publications, preferably by referencing the ZFOURGE survey paper by Straatman et al. (2016).

In the 2016 Data Release, we provided our extensive catalogs and calibrated image mosaics for the ZFOURGE fields for broader use in the astronomy community. The 2017 Data Release is largely the same but adds several segmentation and detection images, as well as calibration files and PSFs.

The complete latest release is available on Vizier under the description “FourStar galaxy evolution survey (ZFOURGE) (Straatman+, 2016).” If you previously downloaded data from Vizier, nothing has changed. However, downloads from the ZFOURGE website before May 2018 have been updated.

The images and catalogs as a subset are available below.

Visually Explore the Fields

Download the Catalogs

Download the Images